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Jun 15 '12

Photos from the opening of, “More than Minaj: Black Bodies & the Necked Truth” at the Femme Noir home gallery of curator, “Michelle Imagine Ifill” on June 15, 2012. What a lovely evening full of amazing discussions about art, gender, self image, society, religion and hip hop. I met so many great artists, poets and musicians. It is so satisfying to share my most personal and honest artwork and to have people appreciate that. It sparks conversation and allows me to engage with others in a way that I have never felt before. I am thrilled to hear that my work inspires you to love yourself and be true to yourself. Thank you for coming to the opening and sharing your personal stories with me! 

Much love,

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Sep 12 '11

First thesis critique

Im very excited about the new year, I have been so productive during these first two weeks settling in! New series about iphone photos (Yeah I’m totally using my iphone photos for my art), journal entries, digital photography, performance collaborations and personal performance. Yep, I have many goals. And yes, Im going through many positive changes. Heres a sneak peak into my iphoto/journal series….I realized that the photos I take on my phone come from a deep core-where I am not conscious of making art look like art. These come from a very personal place. They are in progress and Im not sure how I want to present them, either in a small book or on the wall. E-mail me if you have any thoughts, critiques or suggestions! Michelle@michelleigomez.com. 



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Feb 20 '11


I’m feeling photography right now. I think it can truly say what I couldn’t say through drawing or painting. I don’t even feel like drawing or painting anymore. You know I’ll just change my mind by next week….lol.

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Feb 11 '11

Baby Lucas

My nephew Lucas Andre Nascimento was born December 6th, 2010. I love him with all of my heart! I miss him so much already!

Honestly, these are the kind of experiences that propel me to make personal work about family and relationships. Staying with my sister and her family in Cali during winter wreak is the source of inspiration for whats coming this semester. I want to speak out for her and raise up some issues dealing with gender roles, psychology and relationships. Expect some narrative, figurative, fabric, cutout, embroidery, drawing, mixed media, colorful stuff…coming soon.


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Feb 9 '11

More art talk

I spoke to Rex Stevens yesterday. He said I just gotta do interdisciplinary work. “Mixed media works well for you, Michelle. Mixed media all the way! Keep doing videos, sculpture, performance, all that stuff!”. Why did I limit myself in my studio? I don’t understand why I am not as prolific as I used to be. I don’t understand why I stopped not caring about what others think. It’s so hard! I have so many ideas but I just keep limiting myself. I do miss video. 

This talk encouraged and inspired me to just keep going and don’t stop. Just DO IT ALL! Oh and Nick Cave came to MICA to speak last night. He inspired me too! He showed his older sculptures which are pretty amazing. Everyone knows him for his fiber sound body suits. Such a funny guy!

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Jan 7 '11

I went to California this Winter Break to visit my newborn nephew and my Sister! I stayed in Oceanside and took a train to L.A to meet up with my dear friends/artist couple Mollie and Elle. We explored Downtown, Hollywood and of course the LA art scene and the Bergamont Studios. Here are some photos of our adventures!

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Nov 22 '10

Trust your inner voice

iPhone photos of work in progress in my studio

My Junior Independent professor (Phyllis Platner) has been very happy with my progress now that I’m focusing a lot. I did have a critique with two other teachers that have not really seen my work since freshman year. I was very confused about what I should digest from that one even though I did consider their constructive criticisms. I was told that my work from freshman year was better, there was more fluidity, sexiness, surprises, color, etc. 

How do I know which one to digest? How do I apply certain words of advice from two different people? Why should I go back to my freshman year style? 

This makes me question what is a good critique? A good critique is any critique that you can take what is said and decide what is best for yourself. Phyllis said the number one lesson you should have when you graduate from art school is to trust and listen your inner voice. You should be able to tell yourself no I don’t think I should add more red or more black or make this bigger. You should be able to decide whats best for you depending on what you want and what you trust.

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Apr 4 '10

Some new work

Daddy’s Little Girl Video Stills 2009

Pomegranate Abortion Digital photo and video stills 2009

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Feb 18 '10

Embrace Me

Michelle Gomez

Man and Woman


Mixed Media on Arches Paper

52” x 96”

Roman Arevalo




36” x 66”

Roman pointed out the other day that we both have created pieces about embracing each other. I never even noticed! After living with Roman, I realized that our ideas are intersecting and influencing each other. My work used to be more about the body, his work used to be more about his personal psychology, now we are both sharing these ideas and in the end our work is becoming more personal yet universal. I hope people can look at our work and relate to it in some kind of way…

This is his latest painting and I’m so in love with it! I can really feel the energy between us in this painting. Im looking at it that way because he did use us as a reference! Whats interesting is that other students have said things like “They don’t look human…they look like aliens…they are abstract… I see veins…” -I also agree with all of those things. I enjoy the bright bold pink and blues. I do see veins and I think of blood. I think this refers to his experiences in the past dealing with a loved on in the hospital, the veins in the brushstrokes have been appearing in his other recent paintings. Roman says its all about energy through movement and color. I compared the pink and blue to the fish head masks I made earlier! But thats a whole other story about gender roles. I don’t think he is referring to gender roles and opposites because honestly we don’t see each other that way. Maybe our auras do resemble hot pink and intense blues.

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